We are group of like minded logistics professionals around the world that have come together to solve logistics problems under the Brand

We have experts that can help with:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Trade Finance and Insurance

We have contracts with distributors and manufactures around the world and can source any service required.

We want to be your full service logistics partner to fill any deficiencies in your existing program as you grow or even take it over completely.

Use Cases

This is an example of a manufacturing client. As a small business owner manufacturing steel products in a machine shop there is a constant pressure to get the raw material in to the shop as needed but too much in inventory as it may not get used for years. A 24″ piece of steel rod Special Bar Quality (SBQ) 6 ft long could sit for a long time. The owner has to run a business and does not have the time to keep on top of the suppliers the shipping companies the distributors etc. Any mistakes in your procurement process can make the company insolvent quickly so owners tend to try to do it all themselves. This is a double edged sword though there are experts that can do this quickly and efficiently and a lot of times save you both time and money as a business owner which are always in short supply. Request a quote and we can discuss what you need to sort out your issues.


We are an international logistics brand that has several affiliated companies around the world that are consulting with and for LPRO.COM and our clients. Our professionals come from every aspect of logistics and all have years of experience in and around international trade.
We are in the process of reviewing the best place to locate our headquarters and we are considering remaining a virtual organization.
We currently have representation in the following countries.


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